Monday, December 24, 2018

Devices to Help as You Age

Dear Friends,

Although I never intended to write a lot here, mostly gather resources, I do like to add some information that might be helpful for others.

I’ve learned a few tips and tricks which may be useful whether you’re going to age in place or move. 

We have an elderly family member, ”Terry" [I wrote about this person in previous entries] and here are some things we got to help Terry at home. I’m providing some links to Amazon if you’d like to look at the items we bought or their latest suggestions. 

Another website called ElderStore has all kinds of useful items. They also provide use recommendations and some are reviewed by customers. The Senior Living site has a good post about determining your needs and reminders about using Medicare. Another useful site is A Place for Mom and this link is for a blog post on must-have assistive devices.

If you like some of the ideas, you might comparison shop at your local medical supply store or online. 

You should first check your insurance as some of these items may be covered. 

Here are some items I can vouch for: 

For Impaired Vision: Magnifying Glass - many options listed on Amazon  

Tabletop/mountable large font clock - I bought the American Image clock (made in the USA) with the time, date and day, battery back-up and alarm options

Large button simple TV remote control - we bought the Flipper Big Button Remote for 2 Devices. Because the extra buttons on the bottom confused Terry, we slide up the bottom to cover that row. 

For bladder leakage, a problem for both genders as we age, you can buy disposable pads to insert into underwear or use the adult “diapers” that look like underwear and aren’t detectable through clothing. An option suggested by the doctor was to buy washable underwear through Icon  or find a similar product on Amazon. They’re slim and provide different levels of protection. Although they are more expensive initially, they are better over time as you can launder them. 

Breaking glasses and plates? We bought Corelle dishes, very pretty, lightweight, and although I'm clumsy and have dropped them, they don't break. You can explore designs on this Amazon page and compare prices and items on the ShopWorldKitchen site. Terry had broken a few glasses and clean-up was a hazard. I bought her some acrylic juice glasses from ShopWorldKitchen and some 12-oz. plastic tumblers from Amazon. These glasses all look pretty, look like glass, but they are lightweight and hard to break.

General Safety
- install handrails in the bathroom near the toilet and in the shower. 
If you need a shower chair, cane, walker, wheelchair or motorized chair, check with your local senior center. There may be a donation program. Be sure to get the right size for your needs. 

You can ask at the doctor’s office to see if they have a social worker or a physical therapist who can come to your home to make specific suggestions. These are great services and will really help you maintain a comfortable and safe home. 

Best wishes to you! 

Take care, 


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