Do you love to learn and now you have some time, as well? Me, too! The computer age has made it easy to learn right in the library or in your home. Most libraries are much more sophisticated then when I was young. Now they offer lectures, classes, DVDs, CDs, and some librarians can help you with a job search or genealogy. You can download books and some magazines at home. Be sure to check out your local libraries. The following offerings are online or onsite.

My recommendation is to copy and paste the following links into a program on your computer such as Notes, Pages, Word, Excel - you get the idea. Click on one link at a time and make a note of what is most useful for you. 


Coursera - online classes on a broad range of topics. You can learn anything from business to history to architecture. Courses are free but you can pay for a certificate of completion.
iTunes U - you do not have to have an Apple product to get iTunes. This site has instructions for PC users. Once you're on iTunes on your device, go to the search field and type in "University." You'll see a variety of apps for your device.
OpenCulture - free site with downloadable books, audiobooks, films, language classes and many other items of interest.
YouTube - did you know you can take classes from top university professors? This link will bring you to a search for classes, and you can see Stanford, MIT, Yale and Harvard are among the many universities represented.


The Bernard Osher Foundation offers onsite classes for mature adults around the USA and their website lists locations.

Look into your local Parks and Recreation Department as they usually have classes for Seniors. Many cities have local Senior Centers with exercise classes, special interests and hobbies and other kinds of classes. 

Some community colleges, colleges and universities offer adult learning - check their websites.

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