The links on this page have a lot of different information on your finances. From budgeting to understanding benefits and taxes, there's a lot to learn. This site does not offer financial advice but I have tried to provide useful and reliable sites for your review. Decisions are completely up to you.

My recommendation is to copy and paste the following links into a program on your computer such as Notes, Pages, Word, Excel - you get the idea. Click on one link at a time and make a note of what is most useful for you. 


AARP Money - information on budgets, taxes, saving and investing, debt and consumer protection - various kinds of benefits

Ed Slott - America’s IRA Experts (He has programs during PBS Pledge Drives)
Financial Mentor - information and calculators
Forbes - articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing 
  -- Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)[blog] is a Federal program that will loan you about half the value of your new home depending on your age and you pay the other half.
How High Are Property Taxes in Your State? (Tax Foundation)
Investopedia -  financial information for investors
Is 70 too Late to Claim Social Security?
Kiplinger - business forecasts and personal finance advice
  -- Kiplinger Household Budget
Len Tillem - California Elder Law Attorney -  links and information
Medicare & You - booklet
 -- Medicare Benefitsavoid a Medicare penalty and sign up at age 65. You must sign up three months before turning age 65 for Medicare Part B even if you are on a group plan.
Retirement Planner Calculator (and additional links) - this includes a box to automatically total your Social Security. TIP: do not click “enter” as the form updates automatically. If you “enter” the form resets. Scroll down the form for charts and explanations of categories.
smartasset - lots of links for investing and calculators. Be sure to click on this link for tax-friendly retirement states and comparisons and scroll down the page.
Social Security
State-by-State Guide to Taxes on Retirees


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